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Pay & Benefits

Pay & Benefits

Unified Fire Authority entry-level firefighters now make $49,254 in their first year on the job. Entry-level AEMT and Paramedics make $53,767 and $61,064 respectively.

Unified Fire Authority is offering a Paramedic Lateral opportunity to join UFA with a starting wage up to the top step (Step 10), which would be $91,246. To be eligible for a Paramedic Lateral, candidates must be a certified Paramedic and be currently employed by a pre-hospital or first-responder (firefighting or non-firefighting) agency as a full-time Paramedic and pass our required Paramedic Skills Evaluation process. Find more information on the Paramedic Lateral Process here.

This does not include benefits or possible overtime opportunities. You may look at out annual pay scale using the link below.

Unified Fire Authority is extremely competitive with the other top departments in the State of Utah with regards to pay and benefits. Our benefits cover a wide variety of areas including:

Health Insurance
Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance
 Life Insurance
Employee Assistance
Tuition Assistance
Retirement Plans
401(k) & 457
Pre-Tax Flex Plans
Vacation Leave
Sick Leave
Holiday Leave

Our employee’s benefits page has more information on all of our benefits. In addition, you can read about who we have benefits from and in most cases, the types of coverage or size of benefit.

Retirement is always a big topic of conversation and can be confusing. Utah Retirement Systems (URS) is the agency responsible for managing insurance and retirement benefits for Utah’s public employees. There are two options for retirement, a hybrid pension/401(k) & a 401(k) defined contribution. It is wise for everyone to take a keen interest in their own retirement, no matter where you are in your work career.

All full-time Sworn employees that are in the Tier II retirement system are currently receiving a contribution to Utah Retirement Systems of 2.27% and an additional 1.73% into a 401k for a total of 4%. **subject to change.

Take the time to read through the provided information below.

Quick breakdown of the 2 options
System Highlights 
Side by side comparison