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  • Three Stations Dedicated with 15 Hazmat Specialists per day
  • State Mobile Lab
  • Decon
  • Entry
  • Identification
  • Mitigation

The Hazardous Materials Teams provide the citizens of the greater Salt Lake area with efficient, effective, and professional Hazardous Material Mitigation response. This team consists of three companies strategically located within UFA jurisdiction. Each team has five Hazardous Materials Technicians for a total of 15 technicians on shift every day.

Responds to hazardous material releases/spills for the purpose of mitigating the release/spill. Selects and uses proper specialized chemical personal protective equipment dependent on the nature of the incident.

Classifies, identifies and verifies known and unknown materials using advanced survey instruments and equipment and applies knowledge of chemical and toxicological terminology and the behaviors of various chemicals.