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About Unified Fire Authority

UFA is Utah’s largest fire agency with 694 employees. UFA protects 451,035 people and $41.8 billion dollars of taxable value in 15 municipalities and Salt Lake County.  UFA provides service to all unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County and one municipality (Eagle Mountain) is located in Utah County. 


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Can you guess which Utah Hike this is???

Heat related injuries are no joke. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, take rests when needed and know the signs of the different types of heat illnesses. 
Some common signs and symptoms are:
Whole body: dehydration, fatigue, flushing, thirst, excess sweating, fainting, inability to sweat normally, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, or nervous system dysfunction
Muscular: cramping, stiff muscles, or muscle spasms
Gastrointestinal: nausea or vomiting
Respiratory: fast breathing or shallow breathing
Also common: elevated core body temperature, fast heart rate, delirium, dry skin, headache, or mental confusion

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June and July are the months where we see the most BBQ fires out of the entire year. 
Keep your grill away from your home so a fire wouldn’t possibly make it into your home. 
Clean your grill regularly to ensure those unburned fats don’t light up unexpectedly. 
Check your equipment and ensure it is in safe functioning condition. 
Turn the gas off to eliminate the fuel source. 
If using Charcoal, ensure the coals have cooled completely before you discard them in a metal container. 
ALWAYS have a fire extinguisher close by and Never leave your grills unattended while hot. 
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The second installment of our Wildland Division training for the upcoming season includes chainsaw training in conjunction with mitigation work in our wildland/urban interface areas. 

Our crews work through the summer trimming up trees that can create ladder fuels, or vegetation that can allow fire to climb to larger trees increasing fire growth and destruction. This is done throughout the Salt Lake Valley. 

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It’s difficult to express the emotions you feel when a life is saved. 

This morning around 8:00, crews were dispatched to a house fire where firefighters came across an unresponsive dog that had become overcome with smoke. Lola had been unable to exit and was found not breathing. Mutual aid support from West Valley City Fire @wvcut @iaff_local_2970 quickly began resuscitation efforts with oxygen and compressions until she began to start breathing on her own. Quick actions by all made a huge impact. 

Lola eventually was able to stand and will be reunited with her owner. 

This is why we train. This is why we respond. 

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