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Job Duties

Job Duties

Firefighter Job Duties

Firefighters for the Unified Fire Authority perform the following duties:

  • responds to alarms
  • performs basic life support
  • provides appropriate medical care at emergency scenes
  • records and documents pertinent information related to the emergency incident
  • interacts with other agencies in a professional and cooperative manner
  • performs under emergency conditions which may require strenuous exertion in the face of such handicaps as smoke, heat and cramped conditions
  • performs in working conditions which involve such events as chemical spills, explosions, floods, and electrical hazards
  • responds to fire alarm and other emergencies
  • drives fire apparatus, or ambulance to the scene
  • accurately completes written and verbal reports on patient care
  • operates two-way radio in apparatus
  • records address and details from radio
  • firefighting, extinguishing and rescue operations while wearing self-contained breathing apparatus
  • raises, climbs and operates from ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings
  • ventilates burning buildings by opening roofs and floors
  • performs ‚Äúpost-fire” operations, including laying salvage covers, sweeping and pumping water, and removing debris at fire scene
  • locates and removes victims trapped in burning, smoke filled buildings
  • calms distraught victims, relatives or spectators at emergency scenes
  • extricates trapped and injured victims from auto accidents
  • assists the fire crew in performing routine inspections of business establishments, fire hydrants, etc.
  • inspects and cleans apparatus and equipment
  • performs daily and weekly maintenance of fire division buildings, grounds and equipment
  • participates in frequent training sessions to maintain basic firefighting skills and also to keep up-to-date on any new technical developments in the Fire Service

Paramedic Job Duties

In addition to the Firefighter job duties listed above, Paramedics also perform the following job duties:

  • performs advanced life support
  • provides appropriate medical care at emergency scenes
  • directs activities of other Emergency Services personnel regarding emergency medical care using incident command system and other established procedures
  • communicates with, and carries out instructions of, emergency room personnel via radio telemetry
  • accompanies patients to emergency room facilities
  • interacts with other agencies in a professional and cooperative manner
  • may provide training to, or develop curriculum for, firefighters attending paramedic school