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Podcast: Catching up with our Fire Prevention Division

April 28, 2021
episode 16

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Catching up with our Fire Prevention Division

April 27, 2021 – Season 1 – Episode 16

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On this episode:
We catch up with our Fire Prevention Division. Division Chief/Fire Marshal Brad Larson along with Deputy Fire Marshals Dan DeVoogd and Stewart Gray explain the division’s unique role in our organization. On a regular basis, Fire Prevention works alongside our community partners to assure that the planning and development of our jurisdiction’s construction projects are safe and code compliant. This involves a lot of technical expertise and problem solving capabilities to provide consultation, service and enforcement throughout all phases of the building process. There are nine individuals working in the Fire Prevention Division, with an Inspector position opening soon. Inspectors meet with developers, engineers, architects and city officials regularly, and are a part of the development team that makes sure our community’s continue to grow safely. To anyone considering joining Fire Prevention, now is the opportunity to apply.

Fire Marshal/Fire Prevention Division Chief Brad Larson
Deputy Fire Marshal/Captain Dan DeVoogd
Deputy Fire Marshal/Unit Leader Stewart Gray

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