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Urban Search & Rescue

Urban Search & Rescue

A FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Task Force is a team of individuals comprised mainly of firefighters but includes structural engineers, medical professionals, canine/handler teams and emergency managers with highly specialized training in urban search and rescue environments, and which serve as a resource for disaster response at Local, State, Federal, and International levels.

Utah Task Force 1 (UT-TF1) is one of 28 Type I, Federal Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Task Forces in the United States. This program brings a highly trained multi-hazard Task Force that is especially designed to respond to a variety of emergencies/disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, terrorist acts and hazardous material releases. Fire department personnel that are task force members receive specialized training and skills that directly benefit UFA.

The task force has been directly responsible for providing the required structural collapse technician training that all of UFA’s heavy rescue specialists must have to be considered Heavy Rescue Technicians.
UT-TF1 continues to partner with UFA for Special Operations program development and to enhancing the technical expertise many personnel within the department.

Division Staffing

Sworn – 3

Civilian – 2

Part-Time – 1

For more information on the Urban Search & Rescue Division, see full budget document below.