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Unified Fire Authority Awards

The following awards are listed in order, beginning with the highest honor:

Medal of Valor– The highest award presented by the Authority, for an act of bravery in the face of great personal risk, serious injury, or even death, known to the individual at the time, which is well beyond ordinary performance of duty. Additionally, awarded in the event when a member is killed in the line of duty while involved in emergency operations.

Medal of Gallantry– Exhibiting courage above and beyond normal duty, under conditions of danger, even at the risk of extreme personal risk.

Fire Chief’s Recognition– For demonstrating the highest level of professionalism and exceeding expectations of the Fire Chief. For raising the standards of the Authority or of the fire service.

Fire Officer of the Year– A positive role model who consistently demonstrates leadership and exemplary service by inspiring others. Demonstrates the core values of the Authority, and those of leadership as a fire officer.

Firefighter of the Year– Demonstrating personal and organizational core values of dedication, trust, responsibility and service. For a commitment to continually learning, and for teaching his or her peers.

Award of Courage– For a lifesaving act or effort on or off duty. For the preserving of life.

Distinguished Service– Awarded for being an example of extraordinary service to the public, the community or the Authority.

Award of Merit– For significant dedicated contributions which result in the betterment and improvement of the Department

Unit Citation– Outstanding acts worthy of recognition of Authority crews, companies, bureaus or divisions. For overcoming unusual difficulties in the completion of a difficult task that resulted in the protection of life or property. An unequaled team effort and accomplishment.

Civilian Employee of the Year– For giving significant effort and contribution of service to the organization

Civilian Heroism– Citizen(s) who perform an act of bravery in the face of danger

Civilian Citation– Individual or groups who make a tremendous contribution to the UFA or the community