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Podcast: Managing Stress as a First Responder

September 19, 2021

Fully Involved with Unified Fire

Managing Stress as a First Responder

Episode 22 – September 16, 2021

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ON THIS EPISODE:  Health & Wellness Officer Captain Layne Hilton, and Clinical Operations Director Darren Elkins of Blomquist Hale are back this week to discuss stress.

Stress is the number one killer of firefighters, and we talk about why. Depending on how we relate to the stress we’re experiencing, the consequences in the body are different.

We talk about the importance of having a creative outlet to assist with stress management, the impact stress has on the brain and body, and of course we discuss resources and ways to find help for those struggling to cope with their stress.


  • Captain / Health & Wellness Officer – Layne Hilton
  • Clinical Operations Director (Blomquist Hale) – Darren Elkins


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Episode recorded August 12, 2021.