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Podcast: COVID-19 Update and Vaccine Q&A

January 19, 2021
Covid-19 update and vaccine q&a

Fully Involved with Unified Fire

COVID-19 Update and Vaccine Q&A

January 13, 2021 – Season 1 – Episode 8

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On this episode:
In the first part of the show, we are joined over the phone by Specialist Bethany Bitter. She relays her difficult, recent experience with COVID-19 and what the lengthy recovery process has been like. Captain Greensides also talks about his experience and notes the similarities and differences between their cases. Later on, Dr. Graham BZ joins to discuss the vaccines available to our department and answer some of the questions people have who are hesitant to get it.

Operations Chief Dusty Dern
Health & Safety Officer Captain Mike Greensides
HazMat Specialist Bethany Bitter
UFA Medical Director Dr. Graham Brant-Zawadzki

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