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Special Operations

Special Operations

UFA Special Operations is comprised of the Hazmat Program, Heavy Rescue Program, and specialized rescue teams that perform water rescue, ice rescue and backcountry rescue. These programs are strategically spread throughout UFA’s response area and operate as crews in UFA fire stations. In addition to providing medical and fire response, these crews respond with advanced skills and abilities to manage highly-technical incidents. The personnel that contribute to these programs have committed thousands of hours to become subject matter experts in their respective disciplines.

UFA Hazmat stations 109, 124 and 126 operate with specialized equipment to detect hazardous materials. Hazmat personnel respond with specialized PPE and apparatus and are highly trained and equipped to mitigate leaks, spills, and provide response support to/with other responding UFA crews on fires or technical rescue incidents.

UFA Heavy Rescue stations 117 and 121 provide technical rescue capability to include rope rescue, confined space rescue, heavy machinery/vehicle extrication, structure collapse rescue and perform Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) function on working fires and other complex incidents.

UFA specialized rescue teams perform water rescue from both static and dynamic water sources year round. Station 123 performs surface water and ice rescue work using specialized PPE and boats. Stations 108, 113, and 116 are all trained and equipped to perform swift water rescue and work closely with our other (police/mountain rescue/ski patrol) agency partners in response in backcountry rescue. Our heavy rescue programs also partner with other search and rescue agency partners to perform rescues in the backcountry.

Many of the personnel that are assigned to these programs are also members of Utah Task Force 1. As the Sponsoring Agency for UT-TF1, UFA realizes benefits to within these programs as much of the training and certification comes by way of the task force.

Division Staffing

Sworn – 0

Civilian – 0

Part-Time – 0

(Personnel accounted for in Emergency Operations)

For more information on the Special Operations Division, see full budget document below.