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Special Enforcement

Special Enforcement

Arson and Explosive related incidents are considered two of the most dangerous criminal activities that threaten our citizens. The need exists to protect the citizens of our jurisdiction from loss of life and property by reducing the crime of arson, arson-related crimes, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and the prevention of future violent crimes.

The Special Enforcement Division (SED) addresses this need by establishing a sound foundation of effective enforcement, while focusing on the apprehension of the offender in partnership with Local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies. The team utilizes two highly-trained and certified canines (K9s) that assist with accelerant and explosives detection. The SED houses an FBI accredited Bomb Squad and is a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, support is also provided to law enforcement partners in tactical and other enforcement operations while also providing Bomb Squad coverage to neighboring jurisdiction and counties.

Special Enforcement conducts origin and cause investigations for fire related calls for service, if the cause is criminal, we investigate and apprehend offenders. Special Enforcement performs render safe procedures for IED, bombs and explosive related calls; investigation of crimes associated with explosives, IED, HME, and incendiary devices, etc.

Law enforcement agencies served by the UFA are supported for explosive related emergencies and tactical operations; K9 support across the Wasatch Front for both accelerant and explosive detection; permits for commercial blasting; disposal of found explosives, fireworks and ammunition; and arrest and apprehension of offenders. Special Enforcement utilizes 2 Explosive Detecting K9s and 1 ATF certified Accelerant Detecting K9.

Special Enforcement also manages the SWAT Paramedic Program, conducts Professional Standards investigations as needed or assigned, and conducts background investigations for new-hire personnel.

Division Staffing

Sworn – 5

Civilian – 0

Part-Time – 1

For more information on the Special Enforcement Division, see full budget document below.