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Information Outreach

Information Outreach

About Information Outreach

The goal of Information Outreach (IO) is to improve the safety and well-being of the public through proactively communicating UFA’s Vision, Mission and Values with internal and external stakeholders.

Information Outreach accomplishes this through:

  • Reputation and Brand Management
  • Media Relations
  • Internal Communications
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website Management
  • Community Relations & Education (Station Tours, Community Events, CERT Classes, CPR Classes)

Division Leader

Director of Communications

Nile Easton

nile easton

Organizational Structure

FY22/23 Accomplishments

Media Relations

  • Pitched 28 proactive stories to media aimed at improving the safety of our residents
  • Gained 213 total media mentions

Internal Communications

  • Produced 12 “Questions for the Chief” podcasts to help address concerns from employees
  • Reformatted and held 9 promotion ceremonies that honored our employees. Held a “changing of the guard” ceremony for UFA’s new Chief. Reformatted and held an awards ceremony to highlight outstanding performance by our employees. Social Media Results (followers)
  • Instagram: (6314) 9% increase
  • Twitter: (14,900) 2% increase
  • Facebook: (14,965) 7% increase
  • YouTube: (6870) 45% increase

Website Management

  • Website bounce rate 60%
  • 91,000 total hits to UFA web page
  • Highest traffic sections are fireworks restrictions and recruitment

Community Relations

  • Held five community pancake breakfasts attended by more than 2000 people
  • Scheduled 115 school and church visits by UFA crews
  • Held 220 station tours
  • Events: 210 staffed community events

Additional accomplishments from 2022 Action Items

  • Successfully planned and held Class 55 graduation live, created a video production of the event for those who could not attend
  • PIOs successfully hosted monthly Zoom board meetings
  • Hosted a hybrid/Zoom vacation draw
  • Held a Centennial celebration banquet for our employees.
  • Redesigned a new badge for UFA Personnel after the Centennial
  • Developed a new badge for our sworn employees
  • Worked with YouTube to monetize the UFA YouTube channel, bringing in hundreds in revenue to be applied directly towards further content delivery to our communities

FY23/24 Action Items

  • Increase the quality and quantity of community interest-centered video production. This will include safety focused videos, recruitment videos and incident-related videos.
  • Review web trends and prepare a report on the current effectiveness of the UFA website and project a horizon for a redesign.
  • Use social media tools, pitches to local media and the creation of videos to highlight the different services that UFA can provide to our communities
  • Continue work with fire prevention and the medical division to help communicate Community Risk Reduction efforts
  • Create materials to market working at UFA that can reach diverse populations
  • Review and improve internal recognition ceremonies and gatherings.