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Information Outreach

Information Outreach

About Information Outreach

The goal of Information Outreach (IO) is to improve the safety and well-being of the public through proactively communicating UFA’s Vision, Mission and Values with internal and external stakeholders.

Information Outreach accomplishes this through:

  • Reputation and Brand Management
  • Media Relations
  • Internal Communications
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website Management
  • Community Relations & Education (Station Tours, Community Events, CERT Classes, CPR Classes)

Division Leader

Director of Communications

Nile Easton

nile easton

Organizational Structure

FY20/21 Accomplishments

Media Relations
  • Pitched 33 proactive stories to media aimed at improving the safety of our residents.
  • Gained 383 total media mentions, with dozens occurring by out of state and national media during our deployments to California and Oregon
Internal Communications
  • Produced 12 “Questions for the Chief” videos to help address concerns from employees
  • Produced podcasts aimed primarily at internal audiences that had 7,233 total downloads.
  • Creatively found solutions to continue recognizing and honoring our employees during COVID-19
Social Media Results (followers)
  • Instagram: (4,175) 33% increase
  • Twitter: (13,265) 33% increase
  • Facebook: (13,361) 9% increase
  • YouTube: (2,340) 616% increase
Website Management
  • Website bounce rate 58.7%
  • 192,875 page views
  • 70 community articles posted
Community Relations
  • 312 tours and off-site visits or drive-bys
  • Events: 153 staffed community events
Additional accomplishments from 2010 Action Items
  • Successfully planned and held Class 53 graduation via live stream due to COVID-19
  • Became proficient and hosting monthly ZOOM board meetings
  • Hosted Zoom only vacation draw
  • Provided funeral support to one member and one retiree death.
  • Promoted department recruitment that saw 902 individuals subscribed to the 2020 interest list.
  • Hosted two social-distanced workshops at Fire Training for 80 potential recruits
  • Launched a new video series “Where Did Your Journey Begin” to promote working at UFA.

FY21/22 Action Items

  • Support the Liaison program to improve monthly reports to reflect UFA’s month to month efforts with information that our communities want most
  • Improve community posts to our website and provide critical information to our communities via social media during emergency events
  • Use social media tools, pitches to local media and the creation of videos to highlight the different services that UFA can provide to our communities
  • Target diverse communities with fire safety programs like apartment safety, etc.
  • Create materials to market working at UFA that can reach diverse populations
  • Produce a bi-monthly podcast targeting improved mental health of our employees