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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

About Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division works together with businesses, city departments, developers and community partners to provide the life safety standards expected by our citizens where they live, work and play in their communities. We provide technical information using a consultant-like and service-oriented approach.  The Fire Prevention Division is also responsible for the application, administration and enforcement of the International Fire Code as adopted by the State and your communities. This process provides fire and life safety standards for buildings, helping to protect people and property from the hazards of fire, explosion or dangerous conditions in new and existing buildings and promote firefighter and emergency responder safety during emergency operations.

We provide a wide range of business services, including:

  • Technical plan reviews of new construction projects including: Fire protection systems, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and special systems
  • Acceptance testing for fire protection and alarm systems
  • Fire safety inspections for existing facilities
  • Standby duties for large public events
  • Fireworks permits for public displays
  • Hazardous Materials Permits

Division Leader

Fire Prevention Division Chief / Fire Marshal

Brad Larson

brad larson

Organizational Structure

FY20/21 Accomplishments

  • Inspection Software:  We implemented a digital inspection program for all types of inspections using the software Survey 123. This accomplished several things:
    • Expanded our capacity to track and monitor regular safety inspections for our businesses
    • Will enhance our ability to make better risk reduction plans through data
    • Enhanced the ability of fire crews awareness level for their first due areas – familiarization
    • Will provide a more accurate picture of the number of high hazard occupancies and our ability to inspect them annually
  • With the addition of another inspector, we inspected 250 existing high hazard occupancies that we have not been able to before.
  • Completed over 300 inspections on hospitals, health clinics, memory care, day care and nursing homes as well as 550 inspections for hazardous materials use, storage and dispensing businesses
  • Improved accounting of secure key systems (Knox and Supra keys) with Check-It program to assure compliance with state law
  • Gained two National Certifications for staff members – International Code Council Fire Inspector II and Fire Plans Examiner – increasing knowledge, application of fire code benefiting businesses and safety
  • Staff received 60 hours of nationally accredited training on administration, application of the fire code, improving professionalism, knowledge and application of safety regulations to improve community safety in addition to 20-30 hours of medical training and 40 hours of firefighter training.
  • Completed a total of 6,553 fire safety inspections for 2020.  (Occupancy Inspections and Fire Protection System inspections)

FY21/22 Action Items

  • Capture more high-risk annual inspections – will require an additional inspector
  • Finish evaluation of total number of high hazards in service area using Survey 123 and GIS tools
  • Finalize plan to capture all high hazards by an annual fire safety inspection
  • Evaluate number of hazardous materials facilities not currently permitted and inspected regularly and develop a plan to capture all annually
  • Complete Canyons fire supply and access evaluation
  • Provide at least 60 hours of nationally accredited code and leadership training to staff