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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division helps protect life and property from fire by:

  • Preventing fires before they occur
  • Lessening the severity of the fire should one occur (mitigation)
  • Protecting firefighters indirectly by removing hazards from building and assuring operation of life safety systems

UFA’s Fire Prevention Division strives to achieve fire/life safety for our communities by working collaboratively with development stakeholders and city officials to assure codes and standards for safety are achieved.

Our aim is to help projects move forward in a cost effective way while assuring safety. Additionally, we seek to promote effective fire safety education for business and property owners we come in contact with.

Effective education is accomplished using a consultant like approach, explaining the benefits of fire/life safety hazard abatement. This approach in all our efforts tends to motivate and lessen resistance and time involved in hazard abatement. And more so, this approach to effectively educate and motivate those we contact tends to drastically reduce the recurrence of hazards and secure long-term commitments to fire safety. Thus promoting safer behaviors as well. Indirectly, this protects your firefighters by removing hazards from building and assuring operation of life safety systems. We are focused on maximizing these educational and motivational influences.

Division Staffing

Sworn – 9

Civilian – 2

Part-Time – 0

For more information on the Fire Prevention Division, see full budget document below.