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The purpose of the Unified Fire Authority Medical Division is to support Emergency Operations with their delivery of excellent and effective Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the citizens and communities we serve. This effort is facilitated by delivering initial and continuing medical training and education to UFA personnel.

UFA Medical Division assists personnel by assigning and tracking required medical training hours required for Utah State BEMS and NREMT Licensure and assists personnel with the biannual re-license process. We focus our training efforts utilizing excepted National Standards, American Heart Guidelines, State and local protocols and best practice principals. EMS service delivery is continually evaluated with a Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement process with the goal of improving patient care and patient outcomes and providing personnel with opportunities to sharpen and hone their skills as EMS providers.

With changes to UFA Information Technology and Compliance & Records Management Divisions, Biotech and Medical Records personnel and their roles will be transitioning to the Medical Division.

The purpose of the Biotech is to support the field personnel’s ability to provide and document patient care delivered to the citizens Unified Fire Authority serves. Biotech accomplishes this by managing the technologies used by field Paramedics and EMT’s to deliver care. Biotech supports the field and Medical Division by managing the Salto software and locks that allows access to the stations and the controlled substance safes. Biotech also supports the Records and Compliance Office, and the Strategic Data Manager (Intterra) by managing the software used to collect data and create records for every incident. Biotech supports the Medical Division with improving documentation and the QA/QI process.

There continues to be value in the Medical Division and its programs as we meet the needs of the UFA’s vision, mission and values and enhance the overall support of effective and efficient service delivery.

Division Staffing

Sworn – 8

Civilian – 3

Part-Time – 1

For more information on the EMS Division, see full budget document below.