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Construction Updates

Construction Updates

Station Construction

Updates by Station

Midvale Fire Station #125
Magna Fire Station #102

Seismic Work Upgrades


Stations #110 and #116 will have significant structural work done in the next few months. As of now, the crews will remain in station during construction. There has been a slight delay with the work at 110 and 116 as we are waiting for a signed cost sharing agreement with Salt Lake County. Once we have the signed agreement, work will begin.

Stations #107, #109 and #115 will also receive structural upgrades. It is anticipated that these projects will begin in Spring 2022.


Nearly every other station will have non-structural seismic upgrade work done as part of the project. Of the 20 stations receiving non-structural retrofits, 10 of them are complete, and the other 10 will begin soon. Those that are complete (minus the final inspections) are: #101, #104, #106, #108, #111, #113, #119, #120, #121, and #124.

Most of this work is straight forward; such as mounting cabinets to walls and strapping down water heaters, etc. All crews will remain in station for this work.

Public Notice

Unified Fire created this landing page to share upcoming station improvements with our communities. We encourage you to check back often as additional information becomes available.

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