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Command Staff Highlights

Command Staff Highlights

 UFA Command Staff Meeting Highlights 

August 28, 2023 

Liability/Workers Comp – BC Fossum

  • Reviewed recent injury and accident claims

Policy – HR Director Day Cell Phone Policy

  • Changes were made to Leaders Intent, policy title, expectation of privacy, and various updated verbiage
  • Command Staff will review for any concerns or changes

Chief Burchett

  • Chief’s Schedule This Week:
Monday, 8/28
  • Exit Interview Engineer Edward Walden
    • Command Staff
Tuesday, 8/29
  • Contingent Insurance Funding Discussion
    • Station 109 Annual Meeting
    • Station 118 Annual Meeting
Wednesday, 8/30
  • Breakfast w/Chief Evans
    • Medical Division Annual Meeting
    • Weekly Wednesday Command Staff
    • Annual Meeting DC Ayres
    • EM Staff Director Meeting w/SLCo
Thursday, 8/31
  • Station 108 Annual Meeting
    • Pre-Employment New Hire Psych Evaluation Discussion
    • Outreach for Tax Proposal
  • Website App Review w/IO
Friday, 09/01 – 9/3
  • Vacation – Acting Chief OC Russell

HR Director Day

  • Light Duty Update
    • Reviewed current LD assignments
  • New Hire Banding Update
    • There were 101 candidates scheduled for interviews, 90 were banded
    • Preparing Bands A and B for background work
    • HR will be sending solicitation for feedback regarding candidates from UFA personnel
    • Chief Burchett felt it went well

AC Dern

  • EMAC Deployment
    • Everything is in place in preparation for possible deployment, just awaiting notice
    • UFA will potentially be sending a state representative, task force leaders, and 2 members from Ops

DOC Easton

  • Questions for Chief
    • Reviewed 7 questions
  • Grand Opening Stations 251/253
    • 9/18 at 12:30 p.m. will be the grand openings for both stations, held at 253
    • 9/23 will be the pancake breakfast at Station 253
  • Media Event
    • IO hosted a media event for autistic kits that were donated
    • The kits are on their way to Logistics for distribution

CFO Hill

  • Budget Books
    • Printing of the books has completed
    • All stations and BCs should have a copy
    • Books for Division Chief/Leaders will be distributed soon
    • Copies for Board Members and city staff will be distributed in the coming weeks
  • Riverton Station Improvement Invoices
    • Finance has received invoices for completed work
    • The invoices have been approved for payment

AC Pilgrim

  • Crew Recognition
    • CWH wants to recognize the crew who helped with a recent MVA with extrication that occurred on 8/15
    • The request is for the upcoming council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 5; however, AC Pilgrim will work to see if it can be moved to 9/19 when the crew is back on shift
  • Uniform RFP Update
    • The final RFP scoring meeting will be this Wednesday
    • The goal is to have 2-3 vendors who can supply uniform items
  • 5.11 T-Shirts
    • An order was placed for 400, 5.11 t-shirts with Skaggs
    • We will continue to work closely with Skaggs through the RFP process
    • They recently made a decision to limit printing while the RFP was out, but have agreed to continue printing items until final decisions are made
    • Shirts are roughly two weeks out from being on the shelves again
  • US&R
    • UTTF1 will continue to move up in position on the deployment matrix with recent system activity
    • As hurricane season progresses, it is likely we will begin to see requests for UTTF1 assets
  • TV Fund
    • Work is being done with the FF Credit Union on current account management
    • Once this is completed, the transition of the account will begin

CLO Roberts

  • BLM Lease Update
    • CLO Roberts updated Command Staff on the status of the lease contract

AC Robinson

  • Flooding at Station 102
    • The station bay and living quarters were flooded last week due to the curb and gutter being removed in preparation for replacement
    • The extent of the damages is unknown pending testing for moisture damage
    • The substantial completion was 9/7, but this date may be impacted
  • Station 251
    • The final inspection of the station takes place Tuesday, 8/29
    • Moving into the station is anticipated 9/12 or 9/13
  • EM Director Position
    • The position was posted 8/24 and closes 9/8